Ovan is a stylistic voyage; a visionary optic brand dedicated to luxury design, quality, and a higher level of thinking for the science of the good life. Our founders come from all corners of the globe each bringing personal style, expertise, and passion into our products. From our culture, and for our culture, Ovan is born…

Ovan Case Study Need

The Need

The visionary optics brand asked us to help invoke the #SCIENCEOFTHEGOODLIFE by creating multiple unique and distinctive strap designs for the launch of their exclusive snow goggle product line. Our team had a very short window to successfully develop exclusive designs, allowing Ovan to achieve their brand launch goals.

The Fix

When Ovan reached out to us, we took the opportunity to dive in and create stylistic, yet uniquely clean patterns. We helped by creating numerous customized templates, allowing Ovan to launch a successful winter product line.

Ovan Case Study Fix

The Outcome

The Ovan brand has amassed a huge following for not only their products, but their lifestyle and culture, solidifying Ovan’s place as the leader in luxury optics and personal style.#SCIENCEOFTHEGOODLIFE

Ovan Case Study Outcome