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Pixel Effigy is a uniquely formed design studio, working side-by-side with INKT. Our team of professionals form like Voltron® to help our partners make some pretty awesome things.

Pixel Effigy utilizes a ‘Dream Team’ model, we have the ability to mobilize the best team members to work on your project. Breaking free from the cookie-cutter process, this approach allows us to keep overhead low while making sure we’ve assembled the right expertise for each project.

Here at Pixel Effigy, we are proud to have some of the best Illustrators, Designers, Motion Graphic Artists, Programmers, Developers, and 3D Designers. And all of us produce some damn good designs and awesome user experiences.


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Marlon Abreu

Marlon Abreu

Co-Founder | Creative Director

I have worked for a variety of clients and companies doing everything from video games to apparel. Sports, toys, gaming, marketing and collectibles are just a few of the industries I'm familiar with. I love to illustrate, design and develop product. Concepting and implementing creative solutions are what I love doing best.

Chris Caruso

Chris Caruso

Co-Founder | Creative Ninja

Specializing in Graphic Design, Web/UI Design, Product Development and Studio Art. Ideas from concept, to tech-pack, to sampling, to fitting, to material/trim selection, to production. I manage and coordinate projects, precisely and efficiently, putting the final touches on the masterpieces that our team puts together.

 James Abreu

James Abreu

Video Editing | Motion Graphics

From writing scripts, scheduling shoots and operating the camera to creating motion graphics, editing footage, sound mixing, exporting and compressing video, and dubbing tapes for TV broadcast. My love for soccer, Latin food, films and music feeds into my passion for Video Editing and Motion Graphics.

 Ryan Cope

Ryan Cope

Programming | Code Management

I have spent the last 20 years exploring the web and making sites for others. During those two decades, my quest for knowledge and personal growth have lead me to learn many of the tools necessary to help others see their ideas make it online and work for them, not against them. Some of the web 'languages' I know include HTML, CSS, JavaScript/jQuery/Ajax, ASP/PHP, SQL, XML.

 Darren Kendall

Darren Kendall

SEO Specialist | Developer

I have managed and developed several high traffic websites for major sporting brands, including their social media campaigns, AdWord Campaign Management and critical Search Engine Optimization (SEO). As well as performing IT support for PC, Mac, Windows & Linux Servers, Virtual Machines and mobile devices, I have a pilot's license. So we can fly to you. Just pay for the fuel.

Adam Thorp

Adam Thorp

Mechanical Engineer | 3D Surfacing

A new addition to the team, Adam brings with him an incredible amount of talent in the field of mechanical engineering and industrial design. Primarily working in Solidworks for design and development, his other tools of choice include MATLAB/Simulink for simulations. Hobbies include 3D printing, RC vehicles and quadcopters.


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